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Email your resume to hr@dreamcraft.com



To apply for this position, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Capability to independently create concept sketches and maybe even final renderings/tweaks and animation

  • Ability to create a variety of production quality, DreamCraft style, 3D art

  • Proven experience with 3D software e.g. Maya / 3DS Max

  • Experience with Adobe Photoshop and Flash or Spine

  • Pride and responsibility in your work when given the freedom to work independently

  • Modesty and respect when receiving feedback from your team

  • Appreciation and understanding of User Interface design

  • Previous experience in game development and game art



  • Works on the development of a visual style, design and overall look of our brand new IP

  • Creates beautiful characters, assets and environments to be rolled out to production

  • Develops visual concepts and ideas

  • Contributes with artwork ideas toward communities and forums

  • Gets involved in the look and feel of further projects including animation, community and marketing

  • Generally just nails 2D, 3D and/or UI art for games of various platform

Job Type: Full-Time

Location: San Mateo County
Please send resume to hr@dreamcraft.com